Benkadi Mali

The Benkadi Program is an initiative of West African civil society to improve the effectiveness of public policies in terms of adaptation to Climate Change and mitigation of its effects. Benkadi is a Consortium between four West African NGO platforms and a Dutch NGO, "Woord En Daad" which means Word and Action.

In Mali, the implementation of the Benkadi Program is ensured by the Coordination Secretariat of National NGOs of Mali (SECO-ONG/Mali).

Objective of the Benkadi Program in Mali:

Help local communities, CSOs and associations in the 24 local authorities of the program intervention area for an effective participation in the integration of Climate Change in the Policies and Programs of Economic, Social and Cultural Development (PDESC). The Program also oversees the monitoring and evaluation of policies and compliance with commitments.

The Program supports local authorities, the private sector, and local communities, including women and young people and people living with disabilities, to participate in the development, implementation and monitoring and evaluation of policies and Sustainable Land Management (SLM) programs.

Priorities of the Benkadi Program in Mali:

  1. Inclusive Climate Governance
  2. Amplification of good practices in Sustainable Land Management (SLM)

Intervention Strategies:

  1. Research-action – Studies – Creation of evidence;
  2. Sensitization and capacity building of CSOs and citizens;
  3. Lobbying and advocacy with government and the private sector;
  4. Strengthening governance and participatory decision-making.

Program intervention area in Mali

The Benkadi Program operates in Mali in 24 Communes of the three (3) Regions of Dioila, Bougouni and Koulikoro.

The Benkadi Program works directly with the Target Communities through eight (8) NGO Partners implementing the SECO-ONG platform in Mali.