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Benkadi Mali organized a training of trainers workshop on inclusive climate governance and sustainable land management.

Benkadi is an initiative of a platform of four organizations, including the Séco-NGO of Mali, SPONG of Burkina Faso, PASCiB of Benin and CSCI of Ivory Coast. According to Diallo Ibrahim, chairman of the Board of Directors, the ambition of the Benkadi Consortium is to improve citizen participation by creating a strong and dynamic civil society that works together to influence public policy on climate change. This is in light of SDG 13 and related SDGs, both at the national level and in the West African sub-region.

To implement these activities, the parties should adopt an adult education approach that is participatory and serves as a methodological basis for the implementation of the planned capacity building program. Especially in terms of designing training modules and facilitating them on the themes selected by the Benkadi project. The main themes selected for this phase of the Benkadi Project are: integration of climate change into local planning, including Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC); gender and inclusion; human rights defense; COVID19 pandemic; conflict prevention and management; advocacy and lobbying; analysis, public policy monitoring and citizen control and finally innovative climate change adaptation techniques and technologies, including sustainable land management.

Bintou Diawara

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